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The Angel pub in coldharbour lane.

I was invited to paint the front of the Angel pub in brixton. Its been there as long as I can remember and has had many past lives,some say it was the last of the true west indian pubs in brixton. The building has recently been sold to developers. The idea was to get some public interaction on the go. I was keen to get the opinions and stories from the pub from the people on the streets and to get the public painting. The people of brixton stood up and got involved, they made comments and wrote slogans, over three days of street conversations I learned how this well loved venue had been a meeting place for decades of clubs,shows and parties. We filled the corners and window frames. People wrote in arabic, french, spanish, english, we had memories, names, wise words, statements, Rants, responses,bad spelling and complete randomness, all expressed by anyone in the street who would take a paintbrush. Lambeth council hated it so much they covered it up with a massive curtain when the olympic torch came through!!  The spirit of graffiti was alive and well in brixton!  

Big thanks goes out to Barbara Asante at 198, Rosey of the Brick box and Flora who helped me get the people talking..

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